When you think of prayer, what comes to mind?  Definitely not organizing your home, right?  So why am I bringing prayer up in a podcast for organizing and decluttering?   For me, prayer has been integral and important in my journey into a more organized life.  In prayer, I get to quiet my mind and heart.  It helps me to center around what’s important in my life.  It brings calmness to my day.  It produces peace in my heart.  For me, helps me face the chaos that happens in life.    You may experience prayer in other ways, like meditating.  You may have a totally different set of beliefs than me.  Do know that you continue to be welcome here, you are seen and you are loved, always!   Join me and Sonia Cameron, Author and Career Advisor, as we have a conversation about the impact that prayer can have as you navigate and organize your job search if that is the season you are in.   MORE ABOUT SONIA:  Sonia is a successful tech support engineer by day and a savvy, self-made author by night. After experiencing her own career hurdles that challenged and strengthened her spiritual growth, she set out to spread what she has learned through writing. First published in 2014 with Christian Devotions, she harnessed good old-fashioned ingenuity and modern tech skills to grow her prayer and career blog to a loyal 2k monthly readership. Because of her website's success, she wrote a book called God Please Help Me Find a Job, launched for kindle purchase on Amazon in 2020.   You can connect with Sonia through her blog  www.blessthework.com On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/blessthework    Grab your copies of her book and journal from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold: 

God, Please Help Me Find A Job- 21 Prayers For The Job Seeker God, Please Help Me Find A Job- Journal & Job Search Organizer   Are you at a crossroads with your career, sis?  Sonia is your girl!  Do you need help with getting organized in your home while you are in the middle of your job search?  You can count on me!  Contact me for a 15-minute assessment to find out if we are a good fit!   Schedule here:  https://bit.ly/free15minute-assessment

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