Do you ever wish you could just press the "Easy Button" to make everyday life, well, EASIER, as a working mom? I do! 

Though I don't have this easy button or a magic wand to offer you (and myself), I have an interview with Melissa Salmeron to help you slow down, get grounded, and build good habits to gain more time in your day.

As a Certified Master Life Coach, Melissa helps other moms give themselves the space they need to defeat overwhelm, step into their power, and show up as their true selves through the power of her signature CARE Method:

C - Consciously Connected

Real Connection happens when you are grounded. Connection cannot happen in an overwhelmed state, through the introduction of different life strategies, Melissa will help you determine which are a fit for you.

A - Awareness

Discover how to prioritize life's needs.  It's not a time constraint that's been missing in your life.  It's about understanding what matters to you.  Through the CARE Method, finally let go of the guilt of what you think motherhood is supposed to look like.  You'll learn how to communicate your needs so that you can let go of the overwhelm knowing that what you are asking for is for everyone's highest good. 

R -    Re-energize


When you have the right habits in place, it's amazing how life suddenly feels easier.  You will learn more about which habits serve you and the ones you need to let go of.  


You may already realize that boundaries are the ultimate act of kindness and you also may be like I once was and not sure where and how to start putting them in place.  Melissa will guide you in how to implement them in your relationships and you will be blown away at the impact this will have on your life.  

E -    Empowered From Within


It's our job to decide how we respond to life circumstances.  Melissa will support you through understanding the role responsibility plays in your life so that you can stop reacting to life and start responding.


Life is choice.  We often feel trapped in our lives thinking that there are no choices, it's just not true, we always have a choice.  Melissa will work with you to show you how to make choices that best support you in any situation. 

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