As a new parent, I sometimes feel I'm living on a deserted island, with no rescue in sight. I survive one tantrum after another while trying to figure out what's for dinner. Can you relate?
Well friend, take a deep breath with me (and exhale!) and know you are not alone, and this interview episode is for you. Tracy Grewe, Infant and Toddler Development Consultant, will help us discover and effectively use our most powerful parenting tool.
Tracy has 20+ years of experience as a Certified Association Montessori International Instructor running a Montessori school. As Chairman of the Board of a non-profit organization for over 20 years, she raised funds to support Montessori education for children.  For over 5 years, she has worked with a non-profit organization "Speak Up Stand Up Save a Life" which empowers children to help each other and stand up when they have a friend in need.
Purely out of a passion for helping parents feel more confident and knowledgeable she has shared the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori along with her personal experiences as a Mother through parent workshops, while also gathering ideas from the parents she worked with. Nurture Newbies was created as a digital resource for parents containing the knowledge she has gathered over the years. Not only is it designed to provide parents tools so they can be a step ahead of their child’s development but more importantly practical ideas to help turn overwhelm into confidence, and allow the parents to consciously support the development of independent and empowered kids.
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