Happy New Year Friends!


Today I want to share with you the 5 precious things I want to take with me in 2022.  Often, we think about what we would like to leave behind instead, so I flipped it and made a list of things I want to take with me and I share them with you here:


1. The lessons I learned and my experience with healing from the inside (spiritual, mental, emotional).

2.  The lessons I learned about the 5-week leave-of-absence I took from work due to burnout.

3. Celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary.

4. More music, more singing!

5. New friends I've met, near and far.


I did include 1 thing that I would like to leave behind: toxic worrying.


What about you, friend, what would you like to take with you into 2022?  What would you like to leave behind?


Email me at grace@organizewithgrace.com and let me know! Would love to hear from you!


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