According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.  Are you a part of this stat, friend?  You know me well enough to know that I don't bring this up to make you feel bad.  I bring it up because I would love for us to be the 20% who SUCCEEDS in our resolutions, goals, projects, etc. So don't trash those goals and dreams just yet! Listen to this episode first!

What is the culprit of failed resolutions?  There are many, I'm sure, and we talk about one today: PROCRASTINATION. Need I say more?

Listen to my conversation with life coach Laura Kossoff now if you struggle with procrastination and be enlightened and encouraged to move forward and take action.  What are you waiting for? Let's go!!!

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Laura Kossoff is a life coach, wellness writer, publisher and speaker. She has worked as a holistic health practitioner and feng shui consultant, and is Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher and certified hypnotherapist.

As a woman who has healed immensely from chronic health issues, she is the creator of a website for women living with fibromyalgia: Fibro Healing Solutions, author of the e-book Fibromyalgia 101 and developer of the webinar The Fibromyalgia Healthcare Blueprint.

She also created the podcast Blooming Transformations to provide holistic content on positive living and personal development, shared in a supportive and accessible format, to help women find balanced wellness.

It is her sincere passion to help others find healing, discover their authentic purposes and activate their dreams.


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