In these challenging times in our world, it seems more difficult to celebrate, even our smallest wins. I sometimes get into "self-guilt" mode and think, "How can I celebrate when people are suffering?" I quickly realized that this helps no one, especially myself.

Instead, I have been shifting my thoughts and words into, "I care and will do my part about what is happening currently AND express cheer and gratefulness for life, accomplishments, and personal wins (large and small)."

My podcasting journey has not been an easy road with a couple of starts and stops but I am thankful to still be here, continuing on for you. 

There is no better way to highlight this milestone than having a conversation with Danielle Esbit-Ayala, my friend, co-worker, and top listener of Organize with Grace. (Thank you, Danielle, so grateful for you!)

This was such a fun episode where Danielle talked with me about how the podcast has impacted her organizing journey. She also shares her 3 favorite episodes and why she chose them.

THANK YOU to all of you lovely listeners.  It is because of you that this podcast exists! You are always welcome to the OWG community.


Danielle's faves (Click on the episode number to listen now)!

Episode 39- Unveiling The Impact of Workplace Burnout and How To Take Action

Episode 40- Turn Your Hot-Mess Digital Photos Into A Meaningful Story

Episode 46- Go From Blah To Beautiful And Confident With Everything You Wear AND Simplify Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank

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