Good grief, Grace!!! (Emoji head in hand)

As if the topics needed to get any heavier this month for Mental Health Awareness, I add another tough one: grief. But I promise you that this is a much-needed conversation even if you are not currently experiencing grief, it will be eye-opening and will help you navigate a life transition, no matter how small.

My new friend and fellow professional organizer, Jenn Dickel graciously accepted my invitation to come to the podcast to talk about grief organizing. Say what? Well, listen to the episode and find out what this is all about.

More about Jenn:

Jenn is a professional organizer and founder of Seasonal Navigation Organizing. Her mission is to help women adapt, enjoy, and be able to find what helps them live their best life in their current seasons of life, navigating the transitions to new seasons and leaving old seasons behind.

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