Do you suspect that something keeps blocking you from letting go of stuff you no longer use, need, or love but can't quite place your finger on it? It's frustrating for you but you are ready to break through, break free and get your decluttering project done.
Join me and Dr. Jess Beachkofsky as she helps us explore what that "something" could be so that we can overcome it and move forward to a more decluttered life!
More about Dr. Jess:
Jess is a mom, psychiatrist, and home life strategist helping over-worked moms streamline their homes and grow helpers from their little humans. After 12 years in the military and over a decade working as a psychiatrist, (and wrangling her own chaotic home life) she's found the skills that help busy moms transform their demanding households into comfortable havens.
By learning how brains work and teaching kids to develop skills, hardworking moms can lead their families in working together building a homelife everyone is proud to be part of. Jess helps moms understand the WHY behind what is (and isn’t) working and learn to use brain science and insight to create home system success!
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