Join me and my client and friend, Cecille, as we talk about her experience with me as her Virtual Home Organizer.  We have been meeting consistently as I helped her organize her closet while she gave me pointers on writing (my dream is to write a book someday), all done through Zoom! 


Cecille is an author, wife, mom of two adult children, caretaker for her father, retired teacher, and founder of Flowers for Elders, an organization that delivers flower arrangements to patients.  She is a busy lady and simply needed someone to come alongside and provide her with guidance and accountability to declutter and organize so she can continue to make more room for all that’s dear in her heart.


During the decluttering and organizing process, Cecille is working to launch her own podcast! She is amazing! Her podcast is called “Digging Deep for Treasures”, which can be found on Spotify, Anchor, and soon on Apple Podcasts!


In this episode, you will get an inside look at what it’s like to work with me if you were to be my client. 


You are ready to hire me as your Virtual Home Organizer if:

  1. You feel stuck with an organizing project and would like the momentum to start.
  2. You have a vision of what you would like for your space to look like, whether that’s your bedroom, closet, office, etc. (hey, even if you don’t yet, I can get you there!)
  3. You can complete the physical part of organizing (moving items, purchasing the organizing tools, etc.) or can get help from someone nearby who can complete them with you side-by-side.


So...are you ready???  It's as easy as emailing me to start at 


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