Receipts. Legal documents. Paper bills. Magazines. Work papers. Random notes you wrote on Post-Its. Grocery lists. To-do lists. All. The. Paper.

With these ongoing incoming papers, it can really become frustrating when they pile up and you hardly know what to do with them.

We then stash them away while we hope they would disappear on their own, except, they don't and they leave us frustrated and overwhelmed.

Can you relate? I've been there too!

Join me and my guest, friend, and fellow professional organizer, Emily Lowry, as she walks us through how to tackle these papers so that you no longer have to feel stressed out, especially when you can't find that one piece of paper that you need right away.

More about Emily:

As a professional organizer, wife, and mom, Emily is here to help. She knows what it's like because she's been there too. Emily understands the mass amount of papers that enter our homes and she also has a solution that will not only bring you order and organization, but it will also help you become more purposeful, peaceful, and productive. 
For over 10 years, Organizing with Emily has helped busy, overwhelmed women, just like you, reclaim their homes, gain confidence, increase productivity, find peace and learn the skill of organizing. 
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